State of the Mobile Web

Enterprise Edition - Q1 2014

An analysis of the current state of Websites, and their readiness for a Mobile future

The Inaugural Edition of our Insights Series presents the latest research on the Mobile Web in the Enterprise, based on our thorough assessment of all Websites of the Fortune® 1000. The report features in-depth analysis and insights on key criteria including Website Responsiveness; Performance; Traffic, Demographics, and Engagement; as well as Technology Profile.

The State of the Mobile Web report enables you better understand how ready Websites in the Enteprise are for their mobile customers, especially regarding Mobile access and performance, and it also serves as a bellwether for Websites in general.

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Key Highlights

  • 36% of all Websites assessed are Responsive, about 60% of which are on dedicated mobile sub-domains, domains, or sub-folders. Only 147 Websites of the 1,000 are Responsive to their primary URLs i.e. "One Web"
  • Only about 6% of all Websites are considered Fast or High-Performance, with the rest being considered Slow or Low-Performance. Only about 3% of all Websites are both Responsive and Fast
  • About 53% of all Websites are larger than 1 Mb (Megabyte) in size, and 57% require 40 or more HTTP Requests to load their home pages
  • A Majority of Websites require significant performance optimization with 67% requiring GZip Compression and up to 83% requiring Minification of either Javascript, CSS, or HTML
  • More time is spent - on average - on Responsive Websites than on Non-Responsive Websites. Also, average monthly visits to Responsive and Fast Websites significantly outweigh visits to their alternates